Portrait My name is Lior Lana Model. I have over fifteen years of clinical experience offering psychotherapy to teenagers and students, adults and families, facing parenting crisis, people, struggling with identity issues, low self-esteem, loss and other challenging transitions in life.

I have many years of experience in treating emotional pain, behavioral issues, communicational challenges, anxiety and social problems with teenagers and adults.

I also have extensive experience supporting couples going through fertility treatments and dealing with the emotional pain of infertility, people going through difficult life transitions and existential crises, and treating complex issues such as sexual identity crises, internet addiction, obesity, and depression.

I have deep love and compassion for our complicated human nature. My experience has led me to believe that we are much more resilient than we think of ourselves. My life has taught me all about difficult transitions and starting over. Having lived in three countries and coming from a diverse cultural background I can relate to real life problems confronted by all of us on a daily basis. I know about life challenges from my own experience and I truly believe that makes me a better therapist.

In my work, I use an eclectic approach that is a combination of my educational background and field gained experience. I base my practice on various modalities such as Attachment-based G. Neufeld’s Theory, Integral Theory, Existential Psychology, Art Therapy Techniques, Mindfulness, and Psychodrama.

I am a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers (RSW, MSW) and a Certified Group Facilitator.

  • Master of Social Work, University of Windsor
  • Bachelor of Social Work, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Group Facilitation and Psychodrama, Kivunim Institute
  • Postgraduate courses in Addiction Treatment
  • Courses and Intensives for Professionals from Neufeld Institute


I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals of all ages, families and groups in my office in Thornhill, just north of Toronto, as well as e-counselling. In addition, I facilitate groups and conduct workshops on various topics for organisations.

I can help with:

  • Relationship issues
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Parenting issues
  • Internet/Gaming addiction
  • Stress management
  • Fertility treatments emotional counselling
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Counselling with adolescents
  • Family conflicts
  • Existential crisis
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor body image
  • Self-identity

What to expect

The first session is the most important milestone in the therapy process. In our initial conversation, we will set future goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. We will align our expectations about therapy.


  • One hour therapy session: $165
  • Group therapy: $65 per participant
  • e-Counselling: $130


Parenting Challenges

Workshop From the moment you have started even thinking of family – you were imagining happy smiles, tranquil walks with the stroller, reading books before bed together, baking a pie with your daughter, your son would be a perfect pitcher, and of course, all A’s in school… parenting challenges never exist in dreams.

The truth is, the real life is rarely that easy. Juggling between work, multiple kids activities, the challenge of cooking healthy meals that everyone would love, a baby crying through the night and problems at school – at some point you start losing control of it all and blame yourself or those close to you for not living up to demanding unrealistic standard formed by advertising and social media – hitting you daily right where you are vulnerable. Does it sound familiar to you?

I can help with:

  • ADHD counseling
  • Family dynamics
  • Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Worry, Guilt
  • Social issues
  • Relationship with children
  • School-related issues
  • Low self-esteem and poor body image

Let’s take a pause and talk…

No wonder you feel helpless! Having to deal with real-life challenges while also facing work, commute, and bills is taking a serious toll on your life.

The truth is, the human brain while have been developing for tens of thousands of years, in the past 20 years is confronted with the tasks that simply haven’t been required of it before. In the modern world in a simple course of a day we are confronted with more information, people and stress that mere thousands of years ago people would in the course of their entire life.

And it would be surprising if the human brain did not react to it. And so it does. While genetics can in part explain how our brain will react under stress there are techniques that will help to control the situation. depression, anxiety, body image, social issues, ADHD

First steps to understanding

Understanding the challenges that your kid, or rebellious teen or yourself experience, ability to identify, express and cope with them is the first step in taking control of the situation. Having a therapist with experience in child psychology by your side guiding you through this step is crucial.

And this is why our first session is so important. It means acceptance and constructive self-evaluation. It means you are ready to change. This is the first step in the direction of the healthy self.

In the course of our therapy sessions, you will get a better perspective on the underlying reasons for your problems, understand yourself and your close ones. You will learn to:

  • Improve your relationship with your family members
  • Build a positive approach to overcoming challenges
  • Learn how to help those you care for
  • Take control of your life
  • How to deal with complex parenting situations

I offer therapy sessions focused on Parenting Challenges in person and via Skype. As a child psychologist, I can help your kids to deal with the challenges they face. If you have any questions please contact me to book a consultation.

Couples Therapy

Workshop Being closely involved with another person whether it is marriage or long-term relationship may be very emotionally rewarding – it gives you that assurance of support, understanding and caring, but it also may come with some challenges.

In a relationship, you are closely connected to another person with a different character, tastes, habits and, sometimes, aspirations and goals. It is difficult to predict at the very beginning of the journey together how the relationship will evolve. One thing is certain, it never stays the same throughout the entire life.

As the great classic writer once said: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The way the people in a relationship affect each other may be destructive to either partner or both. But many of the challenges can be worked through in the course of couples’ therapy. Once you start understanding what is the underlying reason for the problem you will learn and understand the techniques that will help you work on it in a constructive way.

Couples challenges I can help with during family therapy:

  • Decision-making and goal setting, life changes
  • Separation, divorce, conflict resolution
  • Fertility counseling
  • Adoption
  • Communication issues
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Infidelity, betrayal, jealousy, insecurity
  • Bereavement counseling

Take a step toward each other…

Together during the family therapy sessions, we will be able to look at the problem in a constructive way, identify the challenges and master the techniques that will set you on the path to success in the relationship. You do not have to struggle alone. We will look at your relationship in depth and try to answer the questions – how you affect each other and what is your dynamics as a couple.

Although it may seem that some couples are effortlessly happy together, in most cases relations do take some work. Especially when they go through challenging situations.

If you are dedicated to each other there are ways to strengthen the relationship and hopefully, you will enjoy many happy years together.

Do you have more questions about the process of couples therapy? Are you committed to your partner and want to help? Contact me or book a consultation

Individual Therapy

Workshop It rarely happens so that a person goes through life without experiencing stress, a certain level of anxiety, uncertainty, problems at decisive moments in their lives, or everyday life. Therapy can help to find resources and inner strength to deal with these problems. We are able to move on, take that important decision, overcome the sense of defeat and, maybe, learn something from that experience.

But in some cases, whether these feelings are caused by a life-altering event, or a need to make an important decision, or brought on by overwhelming pressure of everyday life, they can signify serious problems.

The truth is, sometimes you are so overwhelmed by the situation that you might not even notice that you are in the middle of something too powerful to deal with by yourself such as depression or anxiety. This might be the sign that you might benefit from therapy.

Individual Therapy Sessions for Teens, Youth & Adults

  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Social issues and loneliness
  • Career and motivational counseling
  • Self-Esteem and weight problems
  • Relationship issues and decision making
  • ADHD counseling
  • Behavioral issues
  • Addiction (substance and digital) counseling
  • Middle life crisis and self-identity issues

Understanding is the first step on the way to being able to change. You might not be comfortable to share your struggles with your friends or family. But speaking to a professional therapist will help.

In fact, it is an impartial professional will be in a better position to offer you a different perspective on the situation, an assessment and constructive ways to deal with it.

Individual therapy offers positive solutions.

Do not wait till the situation pushes you to the very edge and you may become destructive towards yourself and in your relationship with others. Make the first step towards understanding yourself better and learning the techniques to help yourself and control your feelings in challenging situations or difficult situations.

During our individual therapy sessions, you will be able to find the positive and practical solutions to your situation, that will help bring great results long-term.

If you feel that you need help dealing with your life challenges and want to make the first step on the way to taking control of your life. A professional psychotherapist is here to listen. Contact me, or book an appointment in person or via Skype.


Groups As a certified social worker and group facilitator (RSW, MSW Registered Social worker and Psychotherapist ) I run psychoeducational workshops for private and public organizations working with teenagers, parents and staff members working with teenagers.

The workshops offer an educational component along with interactive group work and emotional sharing. Single workshop (2 hours) or series of 3-5 workshops are available on the following topics:

Stress Management       The purpose of this interactive workshop is to improve understanding of the stress mechanism in our brain, to reduce stress influences on our body and emotional well being. To create a useful toolkit for stress management.

ADHD/ADD         The purpose of this workshop is to understand the ways the ADHD brain works. To apprehend the effects of ADD/ADHD on our emotional and social aspects. To create successful strategies for ADD/ADHD management.

Digital Addiction       This workshop helps to understand the difference between use and abuse of digital devices, discussion of most common problems related to use of digital devices such as gaming, social media, virtual shopping, cyberbullying. The connection between digital use and stress. The importance of keeping boundaries with the technology use for our personal goals in our everyday life.

Healthy Relationships       The purpose of this workshop is to prevent violence, sexual assault, and self-destruction in relationships. What is a healthy relationship? How do we build it? How do we know what is going wrong? What is important in a relationship? What are the alert signs for destructive relationships? How do we communicate our needs in constructive ways through relationship? The workshop is targeted at teens.

Who am I and Decision Making Process?       This workshop helps to better understand personal goals and boundaries in a decision-making process. This workshop helps to create a decision-making frame and helps to reduce stress. How do certain decisions affect our lives? How do our decisions affect others? How to keep personal focuses through decision making? A relationship between stress and decision making.

Body Image       Positive and informative discussion about body image for teens is highly important. This workshop helps to create discussion focused on body image and its impact on self-esteem. During the workshop, the participants examine the relationship between social media trends and how they/we see themselves along with the shape of beauty norms existing in our society.

Understanding emotions       The purpose of this workshop is to improve the awareness of emotions, understand the purpose of emotions and to learn about skills to express feelings in a healthy way. How to use emotions to improve our lives.

Other topics       Custom programs are also available on request. I can develop programs tailored to your organization’s needs.


Sabina S.

Lana is an amazing professional as well as a beautiful person. She really helped me solve my problems. I started participating in Lana’s parenting group with the feeling that I was doing something wrong in my life. Lana is an incredibly sensitive and understanding person. She determined the reasons for my state very quickly, and in just a few sessions we found possible solutions to my problem. All classes had a very cozy atmosphere. Lana is a true professional! Thanks to her I was able to better understand my children’s emotionsas well as my own, and began to learn independently how to cope with them. I highly recommend Lana if you really want to start blossoming in your life and keeping warmth with your beloved family. July 17, 2019

Natalia S.

I highly recommend Lior. She is very professional and wise. Lior is very carrying person and goes above and beyond in order to help her clients. She helped us as a whole family and each one individually. She understood right away how our childhood had a great impact on our present situation. She is honest and telling the truth that helps a lot. Thank you Lior ! July 3, 2019

Vika L.

Света, тебя слушать-одно удовольствие! Было классно! Purim Public Speaking Event, March 2019

Miriam G.

Вот как раз тот случай, когда хочется сказать: Можем повторить!-и все наверное будут с этим согласны. Выступать после классного циркового артиста, заставившего нас ахнуть и замереть не понимая, а что же это сейчас было-то?-так вот, выступать после гипнотизера , да еще и в самом конце вечера-это геройский поступок. А захватить при этом аудиторию, состоящую из совершенно разных женщин-это уже искусство. Света-надеюсь наше сотрудничество с вами только начинается! Огромное спасибо за все: неповторимый стиль, харизму, энтузиазм, крылья… И знаете. При вас не очень-то и хочется быть в маске. Вы очень настоящая, а посему, рядом с вами чувствуешь себя свободной от наносного. Спасибо! Спасибо! Спасибо! Хаг Пурим Самеах! Purim Public Speaking Event, March 2019

Veronika R.

Света, очень приятно тебя слушать - искренне, просто и дотрагиваешься до глубины сердца! March 2019

Olga T.

I have known Lior for many years. She has always been an invaluable source of advice, motivation and personal support for me! She has a special ability to see “THE REAL” person:-) I find her very gifted at understanding her clients’ core. She always tries to go above and beyond with each and every one. All of this, in addition to her kindness and friendship, makes recommending her to others such a joy. I could not do so more highly. Sep 25, 2018

Marina S. (Schwartz/Reisman Centre)

Lior has an excellent and inclusive approach to working with teenagers and youth!! Very engaging, offers cognitive, behavioral and social strategies for supporting and treating adolescents. Very client focused both individual as well as group needs! Sep 18, 2018

Anna E. (JVS Toronto)

Thank you for a great workshop! Lana is very knowledgeable and approachable. She facilitated an amazing workshop for a group of teenagers on stress: understanding stress and coping with it. The session was very informative yet not hard to listen to. It was a great combination of theory, visuals, participation and how-to’s. Can’t wait to work this session into my program and invite Lana for more workshops on different topics. Thank you!!! June 13, 2018

Yelena G. (Schwartz/Reisman Centre , JProjects Coordinator)

Lior presented a few workshops to our parenting group recently. It was a really great experience. Lior is very knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and inspiring. Her workshops are interactive, interesting and educational. Lior is an excellent speaker. It is a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended. Feb 2018

Francesca D. (Bernard Betel Centre)

Dear Lana. It was an utmost pleasure to listen to you yesterday. You have such a sweet approach to people and by that you gain their interest and involvement. Thank you. Sep 28, 2016

Maria P.

Lana is an empathetic, patient and professional specialist with experience in different fields of therapy. Aug 23, 2016

Sandra K.

Very professional and carrying person. Love her approach to work and appreciate her help. July 18, 2016

Lea K. (Circle of Care)

The program was so interesting and well presented! Lana is an inspiring professional and an engaging facilitator! Our Let’s Get Together Seniors group loved the supportive atmosphere that encourages social interactions and personal expression through creativity. I wish more seniors could participate and enjoy Lana’s programs. July 13, 2016

Alina S.

Lana was very professional and caring. Thank you! Would strongly recommend. July 11, 2016

Nadia S.

Lana is very insightful and wise, she is someone who lives with integrity and walks her own talk! July 8, 2016

Alla S.

Lana is a very carrying and knowledgeable person who would be able to identify the issue and find the way to help. She also demonstrates high professionalism and conscientiousness when providing care. I would highly recommend her services. July 8, 2016

Inna P.

Wonderful therapist! Lana is engaging, has a great assessment and clinical skills. Highly recommended. July 7, 2016

Natalie Z (Circle of Care).

Our team loved the session for its creativity and engaging activities. I found the connection between art and science very interesting. The team had a good time together, learnt a few additional things about each other. Nov 27, 2014

Amy L. (Miles Nadal JCC)

The program was a fun and creative way to educate the seniors of the history of the countries that were discussed. It made it very enjoyable to learn about. The concept of the sessions was a very creative way that got the participants to be involved and hands-on with the learning which made it successful. I find it beneficial for the participants, educationally and socially. It is a good social program that got the participants involved and getting them to want to part take. I enjoyed how the program taught the history through art.

There were a couple advantages of this program, the main ones include having the seniors participate in the activity, rather than having them just sit and watch. The instructors were very good at walking through the group and going around, making sure everyone could see what they were talking about. As well, they always had a small trinket for the seniors to take home with that will remind them about what they learnt. It has a very hands-on approach and through that, it made it more successful by keeping participants’ attention throughout the entire program. Nov 20, 2014